Friday, 28 February 2014

Why just buying something safe just isn't enough.

I've recently encountered a couple of 'shocked' parents who cant believe that a car seat they purchased didn't fit their vehicle - a 'design fault' they said.  I'm still blown away by parents that don't try a car seat till they buy it,  or worse still buy a capsule and don't even attempt to fit it in the vehicle until its time to leave hospital. 

Unbelievable yet unfortunately incredibly common and the practice of caring parents from all walks of life who are truly invested in the safety of their child - yet for some reason make assumptions that once they buy a 'safe' product that's all they need to be concerned about. it's certified, says it safe... seems secure.  

So why is this just not enough?

  • It's not enough because not every car seat will fit in every vehicle -and there's no magic formula to ensure a car seat fits your vehicle - no measurement of seat or seat belt.  The only way to know for sure is to FIT IT!
  • It's not enough because unless you read the instructions before you install it - your car seat may not be installed correctly.  it can be the most expensive, 'flashest' seat in the market, but if you are not using it correctly, the seat is not safe and most importantly your child is not safe.
  • it's not enough because unless you're following safety laws & guidelines around child safety and using the car seat in the right way - your child is not safe.  Using a car seat in the front seat for example, using it for as long as a child can use it, rather than removing it on the childs 8th birthday - because legally you can (

Remember folks - the job of the manufacturer is to create products that are safe and certified to safety standards.  The job of the parent is to use the car seat appropriately to ensure it can do the job it was designed to do. Just keep calm...and read the instructions.