Tuesday, 1 October 2013

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Mobility has come a long way in recent years with the introduction of travel systems.  These are a popular way of adapting your car seat capsule to your buggy up to the first 6-9 months.
This eliminates having to remove your sleeping baby from the comfort of their capsule to do those quick jobs while out and about.  You simply click your capsule into the travel system which sits on top of your buggy.  This is a very quick and convenient system and also saves your back!

With every quick easy solution there can be some draw backs – the use of a travel system can mean that parents leave their babies in capsules for much longer than is recommended (45 mins - hour max).  The reason for this limitation is that while in the capsule the air flow isn’t at it’s optimum and also babies posture is in an un-natural position due to the curvature of the capsule causing the head to tilt forward and impeding on the neck/airway.  It’s all too easy to be wandering around the mall while getting in some much needed uninterrupted shopping time while baby blissfully sleeps, I have seen this on many occassion.

The main thing to remember is that travel systems are a short term solution – in and out of the car with as less fuss as possible – it is strongly advised that you should not connect this as a permanent way of transporting your baby while out on walks or shopping trips that take a bit longer than an hour.

Travel systems are fast becoming a very popular option to help ease the stresses of day to day parenting. And with it comes a mine field of confusion!  Which travel system to which capsule to which buggy!  Luckily a few very well known brands manufacture their own systems – not only for their own capsules, but for many big brands out there.  This offers a range of choice and versatility and the options are endless!

In choosing a travel system – this generally should be left till last as you need to know which capsule you will be getting before knowing what will connect it to your chosen buggy.  And of course, the capsule should be one that suits your vehicle and baby.
Types of travel systems have changed dramatically over the years – from big bulky bracket style contraptions, to simple separate light weight units that connect individually. These separate units make it easy to transport the travel system and can even fit easily in a nappy bag!

So choose wisely when you are making your buggy – capsule – travel system choice.  Avoid purchasing products on line (in particular capsules) before you have had a chance to have a play with the products in store to ensure they are right for you and your family.

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