Friday, 3 May 2013

Keep Calm and Read the Instructions

I remember the first time I got my car seat. It was a gift from mum around a month after I told her that I was going to have a baby. She was so excited that she pretty much bought everything that we needed which made our job a little easier. We stored the car seat at my parents house until we were ready to move into our new place. 

So months later around the time my partner Emma was due to give birth, we realised that we should start to get ready and so we tested the car seat in the car. At this point we didn't give any thought to the fact  that there might be instructions to how to install it correctly. So we played around with it for a little bit until we were confident enough we had it right. The next time we thought about it was after my little Sienna was born. The nurse checked that she was in the car seat all right but never came down to the car with us to see if the car seat was installed properly into our car.

We and then put her in  fitted it ourselves, felt pretty good about it and snapped a few photo's of Sienna's first car ride. We thought it was pretty secure so drove home no dramas. A few weeks later we went for a bit of a road trip and within the first 30 minutes of driving, I went around a sharp corner and the car seat slid a bit. It wasn't enough to cause any harm but enough to give us a fright. Straight away we pulled over, checked on Sienna and then I goggled how to do it on my phone - i can't think now why i never thought to read the instructions before hand - don't judge me - i think there was so much going on and it's so much to take in.

Since then i'm amazed to learn how common this problem was. Something like 80% off parents in NZ are incorrectly installing the car seats. I've since spent some quality time reading the instructions that showed me I was doing the seatbelt incorrectly through the car seat, and not adjusting the handle accordingly -which is pretty scary.

I've also spent quite a bit of time going through the safercarseats website and facebook page  as we're now thinking about the next carseat for our little girl . I'd highly recommend that all parents check with experts to see that you are doing it right. The safety of your child should be enough to justify the effort spent researching it. 

You'll be hearing from me soon as i make a decision on whats the next step for us - any tips? 


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