Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Out and about with safercarseats.org

Out and about with safercarseats.org

The world of car seats and car seat safety can be confusing and complicated. In the past 5 years we've seen a change of focus around car seat safety - which is great. As a full time working mum of two little girls aged 7 and 4, I’m extremely passionate about all things child restraint, and of course safety is paramount!

It seems the whole topic of child restraints is hot these days and people are eager to find out what the next best thing is for their child. We know children come in all different shapes and sizes and so do the vehicles they roll in, so every situation is unique to each family. For the past 7 years I've worked in the nursery industry, educating parents and caregivers on the best and safest choices for their little ones. I've seen some pretty crazy installations in my time, and this led me to become a certified car seat restraint technician. As a community initiative I recently had the very interesting, informative, and also frightening experience of attending a Police road-side child restraint check point, and I have to say the majority of what I saw out there did indeed scare me. Alarmingly however, it was not too dissimilar to what I see out on the roads on a daily basis. I think that most of this stems from a lack of education surrounding proper child restraint use and also the resources in providing this education.  Herein lies safercarseats.org’s vision - helping parents navigate the minefield of information on car seat safety. safercarseats is focused on giving parents practical advice on car seats, as well as the tools and confidence to choose the best car seats for their family. Throughout the site, we have provided sources and links to reputable sites for further information. Our mission is to help you along the road to safer car seats!

We NEED to get our word out there and share our knowledge to assist families, organisations and retailers through education surrounding the good, bad and cold hard facts of child restraints.

A couple of weekends ago I had the proud honor of representing safercarseats at the Bumps, Bubs and Beyond Expo in New Plymouth, supporting Baby City who were the major sponsor of this event.  As our stand was predominantly child restraint related, I was the key representative raising awareness of child restraint safety and education. This was a little daunting for me I have to admit, as I had no idea what to expect!  

So after arriving early Saturday morning, I helped set up the stand and waited for the masses to roll in! You see it can be a very overwhelming environment, and often people leave just as bewildered as they arrived!  But the intention was to eliminate confusion and to shed some basic and easy to follow light on the whole subject.  

We had expectant parents wanting to know the best place to start – capsule or convertible? Babies who were growing out of their capsules and were ready for the next seat up. Children who were growing out of their convertibles and were ready for a booster. We had families who required an extra seat for a 2nd car or for Grandma's car, we had others who needed additional seats to pass on to the next child – and much, much more… PHEW!  So you see, the list of possible scenarios is endless; and as our families, cars and lives grow, so too does the need for further education around child restraints.

Our safercarseat.org set up consists of a Giraffe height chart and scales, an installation seat (for fitting car seats) and a tell-all educational stand with quick tip rip-off leaflets. These are really fantastic tools to help make the all important decisions and learn a little more about child restraint laws, forward vs rear facing, seat types and fitting tips to name a few! You can find these set up nationwide in Baby City retail stores.  

So stay tuned for more exciting news of the wonderful world of safercarseats.org and help us share our safety message!

Hana- safercarseats.org

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