Monday, 20 August 2012

Is your child in the right seat?

Different ages, different stages and an array of different car seat brands can make knowing what car seat your child should be in a little confusing! 

Even though most parents know the safest place for their babies and children is in the back seat, figuring out which type of car seat is best, including when it's safe to turn baby from rear facing to forward facing, can be a challenge. 

Kids grow at different rates, so knowing when to move your child from one place to the next is important. Remember, it's stage, not age! Age ranges should be viewed as recommendations only. What's important is that your child's height and weight sits within the car seats's stated range.

A good way to break it down is into 3 stages. This covers from birth to around 12 years of age.

Stage 1- Rear Facing Child Restraints-
Your child should remain in a rear-facing car seat until he or she reaches the top height or weight limit stated by your car seat’s manufacturer.
Stage 2 - Forward Facing Child Restraints-
Applies to kids who have outgrown their child safety seat's rear-facing height or weight limits.  If your child is still within the height and weight limits for rear-facing, they should REMAIN rear-facing.  Rear-facing is 5 times safer than  forward-facing for those kids still at Stage 1!
Stage3-Booster Seats-
Don’t rush to “graduate” your child to a booster seat. Kids below the maximum height and weight limit for your car seat are much safer in a 5-point harness. If your child still fits in their 5-point harness car seat, then they're not ready to move to a booster!

Check out NZ Child Restraints to learn more about these different seats 

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